About us

We are ambitious, experienced team of specialists that is well familiar with the characteristics of the Telco industry and IT. Our domain is highlighted by accuracy, attention to details and high mobility.

The experience gained in Poland and abroad allows us to perform our work in such a way as to meet the needs of the investor.

We have performed contracts for major construction and IT companies in Poland and abroad. Our portfolio, we are proud of, includes the construction of infrastructure for the leading Telco companies:

- Exatel
- Energotel
- Orange
- HFC Systems
- Polkomtel
- Plus
- P4
- Dialog

We delivered materials and built Swinoujscie LNG terminal telecommunications infrastructure for an international consortium of Saipem SA - Saipem S.p.A - Technit Compagnia Technica Internazionale - Snamprogetti Canada Inc. - PBG S.A. - PBG Export Sp. z o.o thus taking part in securing Polish energy demand for liquid fuels which we are extremely proud of.

We also took part in a co-financed with European Union funds project consisting in the construction of intercity backbone broadband network (250km of transmission lines). Currently we are also working on co-financed with the funds for ROP activity 2.9 project in 3 provinces (3200 HP).

We use the solutions of leading manufacturers of active telecommunications equipment:


The construction of telecommunication infrastructure is based on the materials of internationally recognized companies:

-Reichle & de-massari
-TE Conectivity

Our team consists of people with polytechnic education in the wider ICT, telecommunications and specially selected specialists such as computer science technicians, welders, communications technicians.

Such diversity allows us to learn from each other and strive for perfection in the fulfillment of the investment.