The offer

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our comprehensive offer. As the Telco and IT experts we primarily specialize in providing services for the following capacities:

- Designing long-haul optical networks
- Designing optical networks in FTTx architecture
- Construction of traditional building optical networks or in VertiCASA technology
- Construction of cable networks
- Construction and configuration of computer networks
- Pulling cables in ducts
- Blowing fiber optic cables
- Blowing the microfibers
- Optical measurements: transmission, reflectometric
- FTTx network measurements, measurements of outlets ( EPON, GPON, GEPON network)
- Optical fibre splicing
- Assembly and installation of wiring cabintets, distribution boxes
- Construction of ducts, mounting wells
- Maintenance of a network

The company NETLINEPRO consists of a high-class specialists. We employ polytechnic education personnel who have a thorough knowledge of IT and telecommunications. Most importantly, they can boast considerable professional achievements in their profession. As a result, these are people who not only know the ins and outs of Telco and IT industry, but also can apply them in practice. Our staff includes also carefully selected experts from other fields and is supported by perfect communications technicians.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us - call or write. Let us know about your expectations, and you will be provided with the offer that best responds to your needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority objective. This is what gives us the motivation to continuously develop and continually improve provided services. In terms of the quality of proposed solutions we never go to any compromises. As a result, we enjoy the trust of many business owners, managers of public institutions as well as individual investors.

We invite you to cooperation.